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Six Counties Championship 16/04/19
 The Essex team finished their season with a good performance in the Six Counties Championship
 at Littleport Leisure Centre on Sunday 14th April 2019
 Although they finished fourth, they were leading going into their last match of the day against Cambridgeshire
 The team could not maintain the standard of consistency seem during the previous part of the day
 and a 2 -10 defeat relegated them to fourth place
 The first match of the day against Hertfordshire saw a 6 - 6 draw
 This was followed up by a good 9-3 win against Bedfordshire
 Next up were Norfolk and the Essex team recorded a 7-5 victory
 The fourth match saw them against the league winners and eventual six counties championship winners - Suffolk.
 This brought the best from the Essex team winning 7-5
 Well done to all who took part on the day, which included three last minute changes to the team originally picked
 The points were shared around by all six rinks and but for that last session it could have been a day to remember
 The rinks on the day were
 Terry Marsh/Lynda Richardson/Greg King & Mervyn Bushe
 Paul Young/Mark Hammond/Lin Hill & Peter Orrin
 Tony Bareham/Trevor Kidd/Colin Day & Don Poulter
 Marilyn Bennet/Cliff Richardson/Enid Russell & Diane Orrin
 Jacky Brown/David Wallis/Helen Tucker & Colin Lord
 Val Kidd/Colin Spriggs/Maxine Poulter & Graham Evans
 The season is now ended and will get together for the next season in late July
Essex v Norfolk 18/03/19
 Essex played their final match of the Eastern Counties League season on Sunday 17th March 2019 at home to Norfolk
 It turned out to be a fine day for the Essex team, finishing with an outstanding 22-14 win against one of the form teams of the season
 The Essex team started well in the first session winning two of the three games to establish an early 4-2 lead, with the only game lost by just one shot
 The second session was not so good with two narrow defeats and only one win with the match now level at 6-6
 The third session saw two more good wins for the Essex team and a heavy defeat to restore the Essex lead now at 10-8
 The fourth session was the worst of the day for Essex with two heavy defeats and only one win, to again see the match level at 12-12
 The fifth session was vital and an outstanding performance saw three wins to restore the Essex lead at 18-12
 The sixth session, against the experienced Norfolk bowlers, produced a further two wins for Essex and a final winning score of 22-14
 The result saw Essex climb another place up the league to 4th with 86 points over the season
 Suffolk again won the league convincingly with Cambridgeshire in second place, also a well ahead of the rest
 The next three teams, including Essex all had 86 points with Norfolk in third because of better shots,
 Essex next in 4th and Hertfordshire with the least shots in 5th
 The final team Bedfordshire were somewhat short of the others
 On the day, against Norfolk, Essex had two outstanding teams who won all their three games
 The Rinks of Val Kidd/Maxine Poulter/Darren Wrenn/ Graham Evans and Paul Young/Mark Hammond/Lin Hill/Peter Orrin
 were excellent throughout the day. Two other rinks had a good day with two wins each
 Tony Bareham/Trevor Kidd/Colin Day/Don Poulter and Terry Marsh/Lynda Richardson/Greg King/Mervyn Bushe
 The final two Rinks struggled against the more experienced Norfolk rinks and only recorded one win between them
 The Rink of Jacky Brown/Peter Marchant/Helen Tucker/Colin Lord had two early disappointing defeats
 but came back strongly in their last game to win, taking six shots on the last end
 The Rink of Marilyn Bennet/Enid Russell/Ron Hill/Diane Orrin were unlucky to lose their first game
 on the last end and never recovered in their next two games
 Thanks were expressed to the entire squad for their support throughout the season, when after a poor start the team
 had recovered well with a strong finish to finish in a respectable place
 Special thanks were given to Jackie & Joanne Holbrow who provide the catering throughout the season
 plus all of those who helped and provided cakes etc
 To Marie Boyton & Anthea Bushe for their help with the Raffle and to Martin Bennet for his role as Scorer
 The Team now go to the final event of the Season, the Six Counties Championship at Littleport
 on Sunday 14th April in good form and with high expectations
 Good Luck and thank you
Essex v Bedfordshire 18/02/19
 Essex played their fourth match of the current Eastern Counties League season on Sunday 17th February 2019 when they hosted
 Bedfordshire at the Essex Gt. Saling home venue The Essex team had played poorly in the first two league matches of the season
 (away at Hertfordshire and home to Suffolk), but a better performance in January (away at Cambridgeshire),
 saw them go into this home match with more confidence and this was reflected in the final result
 An outstanding day for Essex, with all the Rinks contributing, saw the team record a large 25 - 11 win
 It moved the Essex team up from 6th to 5th place but now in reach of the third and fourth placed teams
 as they go into the last match of the season in a months time
 The first session of the day saw Essex start in fine form with all three Rinks winning comfortable to take a 6-0 lead
 The second session did not quite build on this lead, with a good win, a draw and a sizeable loss to take 3 points and retain a lead of 9-3
 The third session was the worst of the day for Essex with only one win and two defeats with the visitors having narrowed the Essex lead to 11-7
 The fourth session saw Essex back to their best with three more wins to restore the advantage and a 17-7 lead
 The fifth & sixth sessions saw two more wins in each session and an overall result of the convincing 25-11 victory
 The day saw two Rinks in outstanding form, both undefeated, three Rinks in good form winning two of their three games
 and the final rink having started well recording just the one win
 The Rink of Tony Bareham/Trevor Kidd/Colin Day/Don Poulter were excellent all day, they won all three games and all
 by a convincing margin to record 6 points. The Rink of Paul Young/Mark Hammond/Lin Hill/Peter Orrin were in similar excellent form with two
 convincing wins and a hard fought draw to record 5 points. The Rinks of Jacky Brown/Peter Marchant/Helen Tucker/Colin Lord &
 & Marilyn Bennet/Enid Russell/Ron Hill/Diane Orrin & Terry Marsh/Lynda Richardson/Greg King/Mervyn Bushe
 were all in good form with two wins each and 4 points each
 The Rink of Val Kidd/Maxine Poulter/Darren Wrenn/Graham Evans started with an outstanding win but lost momentum
 to lose their final two games (one extremely close) and record 2 points
 It was a great day for Essex, well done to those who played and thanks to all the helpers and supporters
 Essex now go into their last match on 17th March when they play Norfolk again at home at Gt Saling and a further good win
 will see them go up another place or two in the league
Essex v Cambridgeshire 21/01/19
 The Essex team played their third league match of the season, on Sunday 20th January 2019, away against Cambridgeshire at their Littleport venue
 After some disappointing performances in their first two matches of the season, the Essex team were in much better form and narrowly lost a close match 17-19
 Essex having started well were always just ahead until the last session and with a little luck could so easily have won the match
 The first session started so well for the Essex team winning two matches and drawing the other to take and early 5-1 lead
 The second session saw Essex only winning one game but still held a 7-5 lead
 The third session was another good one for the Essex team with two more wins and a narrow defeat to increase the lead to 11-7
 The fourth session again saw the home team come back with just one more win for Essex, the lead was reduced to 13-11
 The fifth session proved decisive with one further win and the scores level at 15-15 going into the final session
 The sixth session proved crucial. With one heavy defeat it was the further two matches that went to the last end and eventually
 in both cases ended in draws and a final 17-19 defeat for Essex
 The whole team should be proud of the improvement seen and they need to take this level of performance into the final
 two matches in February & March both at home against Bedfordshire & Norfolk respectively
 On the day, four of the Rinks performed well throughout the day with the other two, having struggled earlier in the day,
 saving their best performances for the last session when those two extra points proved vital
 The Rinks of Jacky Brown/Peter Marchant/Helen Tucker/ Colin Lord and Val Kidd/Maxine Poulter/Darren Wrenn/Graham Evans and
 Terry Marsh/Lynda Richardson/Greg King/Mervyn Bushe all won two of the three games played and each attained 4 points for the team
 The Rink of Paul Young/Mark Hammond/Lin Hill/Peter Orrin won one drew one and just lost out on the other to attain 3 points for the team
 The Rinks of Marilyn Bennet/Enid Russell/Trevor Kidd/Diane Orrin and Tony Bareham/Ron Hill/Colin Day/Don Poulter both lost
 their first two matches but came back with a draw each in the last session to attain 1 point each for the team
 The result still leaves Essex in sixth place but they have made up ground on those immediately above them with two home matches to complete the season
 Next up is Bedfordshire at Gt Saling on Sunday 17th February 2019