Purleigh Carpet Bowls Club

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Menu OptionDescription
GeneralTo use the web site simply move the cursor over the menu option you wish to use;
 if another menu isn't displayed then this is the only option available - to use this
 simply click the left mouse button to display the option.
 Of the 10 main menu options three Home,Contact and History are simply accessed
 as mentioned above. The DATA ENTRY menu option is not described here as it is only
 available to the Systems Administrator for updating the results for the season.
 The other menu options have sub-menus attached to them
 which give the user a more detailed breakdown of the main menu option. An
 image of the welcome screen is shown below.Each of the remaining menu options
 will be described in more detail on the following help screens.
 Simply click the 'next help' option at the bottom of the screen.

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