Purleigh Carpet Bowls Club

Club Finals day for Season 2016/17

The CLUB FINALS competition were held on Monday 6th March 2017

Competition   Score Winner


Singles 1st semi-final Tom Hale .v. Linda Grainger 04-07 Linda Grainger
Singles 2nd semi-fimal Carol Smith .v. John Allen 03-08 John Allen

Club Pairs Bob Wortley & .v. Linda Grainger & 14-05 Bob Wortley &
George Staines Allen Smith   George Staines

Club Triples Shiela Ritchings & .v. Allen Smith & 13-00  Shiela Ritchings &
Jill deFraine  & June Wortley &    Jill deFraine  &
Linda Grainger John Grainger   Linda Grainger

Club Fours Linda Grainger & .v. Pat Clark & 12-04  Linda Grainger &
Ray Selfe & Peter Rogers &   Ray Selfe &
George Staines & Pete Butler &    George Staines &
John Grainger Tom Hale   John Grainger

Club Singles Linda Grainger .v. John Allen 07-06 Linda Grainger

 Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to the runners-up.
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